Migraine Rapid — an exclusive migraine treatment method based on the manual handling of the nervous system. This treatment is suitable for all migraine sufferers and effective in the most of cases. It can be used during a migraine attack and as a preventive remedy.

Migraine Rapid was developed by a licensed massage therapist, Jyrki Mäkelä, a sufferer himself.

Since 1995 he has carried out over 7,503 practical tests regarding migraine behaviour and their impact on the human body alongside thousands of treated clients. These studies and experience formed the basis of this new treatment method.

Migraine Rapid has proved effective in treating migraine for thousands of patients an established Finnish clinic. Now it is available for all migraine sufferers in his London practice.

Jyrki explains the treatment and what to expect:
  • During our initial appointment, I will ask you about your health status, nature of your migraine, previous/ongoing treatments, medications and discuss possible contraindications.
  • The next step is an examination of your nervous and musclulo-skeletal systems. I will fully inform you about the result of my examination and we will then discuss your treatment plan. Sometimes the solution to your problem may require the help of specialists in another medical field (e.g. neurologist or osteopath).
  • After we have agreed with you about the treatment plan, we can proceed. In the case of non-chronic migraines you should feel positive changes after the first treatment. Major results come within 1-2 weeks of intensive care (2 times per week). Chronic cases need longer treatment; however, positive results appear after 2 to 3 weeks. You will also receive personal self-care instructions.

TIPS about the session:​​

Please bring all reports from your neurologist/GP and your migraine diary if you have them.

It is better to avoid a heavy meal before your session in order to avoid stomach problems.

It is advised that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your treatment, so you can fill in a client questionnaire.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are glad to explain everything about our method and actions during the treatment in clear words without jargon.