About us

Jyrki Mäkelä

  • Manual neurological headache specialist.
  • Licensed massage therapist and a migraineur sufferer.
  • Since 1995 Jyrki has been researching migraine and its impact on the human body.
  • For the last 21 years he has carried out over 7,000 practical tests to prove the efficacy of the treatment.
  • He has developed two manual migraine treatment methods for professional use and self-care concepts.
  • Jyrki is a full premier member of Complementary Health Professionals. Membership number CHP029.

‘Migraine is a neurological disease and shouldn’t be treated just as a ‘headache’.

I have it myself and found a way to treat it. Now I offer you my own method based on 21 years of experience and thousands of treatments.’


‘Terribly expensive but effective. Nice chap for foreigner!’

John, London

‘I’ve been really in trouble with migraines for 12 years now. Jyrki’s clinic is the first place where I really feel that I’m getting treated . I would recommend Jyrki to all who are suffering from migraine.’

Denise, London

‘I have been a migraine patient since I was 14  and it has been a nightmare and haven’t found a proper help until now. I am so glad for BlueBear Clinic, it has helped to take the control of my health back from migraine. I can highly recommend Jyrki to anyone who is suffering from migraine.’

Gina, Birmingham

‘Absolutely fantastic and positive experience so far. No constant migraine any more. Migraineur as a therapist, wau!’

Maggie, London

‘I warmly recommend the only real help which I have found for migraine care. Jyrki is not just a great migraine specialist, but also has the ability to make me laugh no matter what type of bad day I may have faced. It is a five star treatment.’

Johanna Marjomaa, LA

‘Simply the best migraine treatment ever and you can always have advices on a phone or email which I love it! No more meds to me!’

Vanessa, Palm Beach Gardens, USA