Medicine free migraine treatment

Stop a migraine attack in 15 minutes!

If your migraine attack does not stop, then you get £10 discount for each 5 minutes of your treatment until your pain is gone.


Migraine Rapid — an exclusive treatment based on the manual handling of the nervous system. Using Migraine Rapid in acute migraine care, approximately 96% of cases migraine attack is stopped within 15 minutes.

For whom?

This treatment is suitable for all migraine sufferers and effective in the most of cases. It can be used during a migraine attack and as a preventive remedy.

How fast?

In the case of non-chronic migraines you should feel positive changes after the first treatment. Major results come within one week of intensive care (2 times per week). In chronic migraine cases longer intensive care is needed; however, positive results appear usually after 2 to 3 weeks.

Why to choose Migraine Rapid?

  • Fast help for acute migraine
  • The easiest way out of chronic migraine
  • No bad side affects
  • Can prevent migraine attacks (ask more from our specialist)
  • Less money needed for treatments compared to medication based treatments
  • You will get effective and easy self-care guidance


‘Terribly expensive but effective. Nice chap for foreigner!’

John, London

‘I’ve been really in trouble with migraines for 12 years now. Jyrki’s clinic is the first place where I really feel that I’m getting treated . I would recommend Jyrki to all who are suffering from migraine.’

Denise, London

‘I have been a migraine patient since I was 14  and it has been a nightmare and haven’t found a proper help until now. I am so glad for BlueBear Clinic, it has helped to take the control of my health back from migraine. I can highly recommend Jyrki to anyone who is suffering from migraine.’

Gina, Birmingham

‘Absolutely fantastic and positive experience so far. No constant migraine any more. Migraineur as a therapist, wau!’

Maggie, London

‘I warmly recommend the only real help which I have found for migraine care. Jyrki is not just a great migraine specialist, but also has the ability to make me laugh no matter what type of bad day I may have faced. It is a five star treatment.’

Johanna Marjomaa, LA

‘Simply the best migraine treatment ever and you can always have advices on a phone or email which I love it! No more meds to me!’

Vanessa, Palm Beach Gardens, USA